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April Tip

Everyone loves a clean well groomed dog or cat.  Do you know mats in your pet can tear the skin if not brushed out or removed on a regular basis? 

What can cause mats in dogs and cats? Dogs and cats mat when something becomes stuck in the cat's fur and the fur twists around it. It could be loose hair, dirt, or debris or, in the case of a sick cator dog, diarrhea. Most cats and dogs that have mats are long haired but any cat or dog may mat, especially if the cat or dog is sick.

Mats can cause your cat or dog to be miserable. Mats can cause skin infections such as moist dermatitis and can help harbor unwanted external parasites such as fleas. If the mat is around the anal area, it can impede your cat's or dog's ability to defecate.

How to remove mats myself? If your cat or dog is prone to mats, you should comb and brush your cat or dog at least weekly to ensure a tangle-free coat. You can use a detangler made especially for pets. If your cat's or dog's feces are sticking to its back legs or butt area, use a pet clipper to shorten the hair around the anal area and back legs.

If the mats are too big or if you don't want to deal with the grooming, we can help!  We have professional groomers that can help shave the mats out in a safe way for your pet.  Let us know what we can do for you!  719-539-7777